About Us

We repair, convert, transfer and duplicate old media such as VHS video tapes to new media such as DVDs or computer files. Old tapes degrade over time, and digitization halts that process in addition to making your media more easily accessible. Our local service means faster turnaround and we add a personal touch by trimming out junk so you only pay for the stuff you want. Preserve and present your priceless history.

Our Story

Originally under the name VHS to DVD Vancouver, Media Mart began offering media conversion and transfer services in April 2007. Not surprisingly, more and more of our access to audio and video is through computers and digital media, and we met a great demand in the Vancouver area for professional media transfer services. Customers like our friendly service, top quality standards, attention to detail and timely delivery.

We have since changed our name to Media Mart, which we believe better reflects our wide range of services offered as we provide a one-stop-shop for all of your media transfer, conversion and storage needs.

We are the original company of our kind in the area. Since our inception, many imitators have attempted to emulate us, but none match our service, skill, expertise and attention to detail.

Why Us?


Simply put, we have converted thousands of hours of video for hundreds of satisfied customers, large and small.

We Are Here For You

Media Mart is a local business. Other companies often send your tapes out of province for processing. What if your tapes are damaged? Who knows who/what will be handling your precious memories? And who knows what you can expect when you (finally) get your order back? Bring your tapes to someone nearby, and rest assured that they are in good hands.

Its All About You

We are focused on your needs. We are often able to accommodate special requests and attention to detail where our competitors cannot. We offer that personal touch that you simply won't find elsewhere. For instance, sometimes we are able to re-arrange our schedule to meet yours, or handle simple formatting requests for free.

We Are Listening

Since you will get a chance to speak with us directly, we can address any concerns that you may have about your order directly. That way, you will fully understand the process and what you can expect before we start. If you have questions, please just give us a call, we can help.

Top Quality Equipment

We use professional-grade equipment from proven manufacturers to convert your media. We do a direct, hardware-to-hardware transfer, and use the best quality playback units we can find to ensure you get all that you can out of your media. We do not involve computers and software unless you request editing services.

Top Quality Media

We use the very best media available to store your trasnferred videos or audio. Our DVDs and CDs are always medical grade, and of the highest possible quality. We also choose flash memory and hard drives with the same discerning eye and decades of experience. We constantly survey the market for newer, better media, and demand the highest quality from our suppliers.

The Bottom Line

Our pricing is very competitive. If you can find better prices for the same quality and level of service, we will be surprised, but please let us know if you can prove us wrong on this one. We always do our best to offer you the best value possible.

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