Destination Media


Digital Files

You can store & save on them on your computer

You can make DVD copies (if your computer has a burner)

You can edit files (with compatible software)

You can share files with friends and family

Digital files are one of the best ways to preserve your media. This is because digital files can be easily stored and edited. Additionally, sharing files with friends and family is much more convenient with digital files. May we suggest using the H.264 format?

What Is H.264?

H.264 is a video encoding format. It the the most common compression format used. Most often, H.264 is used with MP4 container file. But other file extensions, such as, .avi, .mp4, .m4v, .f4v., can be used. H.264 is the best delivery format because it looks fantastic, has a smaller file size and will play on almost any device. With H.264 you are still able to edit your media, if you have compatible software (such as iMovie).

What Do I Need to Go Digital?

When you go digital, you're going to need some storage. You can bring in your own, or we can provide some for you. The amount of storage you’ll need will depend the size of your order. In general, the size will be about 2.4GB per hour of video for standard definition. Give us a call for more details on storage size.

Advanced Options

If your planing on doing some professional editing, we offer ProRes 422 or DV formats. Standard definition ProRes 422 uses 60GB per hour and DV uses 15GB per hour of video.




 Easy to store.

 Easy to play on your entertainment system.

 Easy and inexpensive to copy.

 Included with your order, for free!

We use the very best, medical grade DVD media available. Extra copies of your DVDs are just 5.99 each.

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